the only silly questions are the ones you don’t ask…but have a look here first!
Q. It’s my first time…help!
A. Congratulations – the first time can be the most exciting. Engaging the services of a professional can seem scary, but don’t worry – I’m a chatty friendly person and  I’m used to putting people at their ease.  Follow the instructions on the contact page and we can have a relaxed chat about what you’re looking for.
And in the meantime, check out my gallery and my A-Z of kink and see what catches your imagination.
Q. Can I see you today?
Sadly, I’m unable to accommodate last minute requests due to my other commitments. I only escort part-time, and so I have university and voluntary work for fit in around my escorting appointments. I normally work out my schedule the day before, so it’s best to get in touch with at least 24 hours notice to be sure of my availability.
The other reason I ask for advance notice is that I see relatively few people – 2-4 a week. Whilst this might mean it’s hard to get an appointment with me, it does mean that you’ll have my undivided attention when we do meet!
Q. I’m interested in something I don’t see on your list of services?

A. Fire away – I’m always up for new and kinky adventures! If its something I don’t personally do, I probably know a woman who does…

Q. I’d like a threesome…do you play with other people?
A. I certainly do! I have some very attractive female friends who I can ask to join us for a session. See my friends page for the girls I especially like to get down and dirty with.

Q. And do you see couples?

A. Lots and lots of couples (more than you’d imagine!) use escorts as a way of spicing up their sex life. And why not – its way more fun than going to Relate! Maybe you’ve always fantasised about watching your partner with another woman, or maybe you’d like me to take on the role of dominatrix and direct the action – the possibilities are endless.

One of the benefits of using a professional for this sort of thing is that its much easier to agree boundaries, and there are no awkward feelings to deal with afterwards as I shall disappear into the night, leaving you both happy and fulfilled…

For an informal discussion, contact me giving a brief outline of your request.

Q. I’d like to socialise – can we meet for a drink first?
A. I’m happy to meet for a relaxed drink or dinner, and we have a wealth of lovely restaurants to choose from, all within easy reach of my apartment.  My social rate is normally 50% of my usual rate, and all social bookings must be attached to an escort booking.
Q. What about safety?
A. I take my safety and that of my clients very seriously. I attend regular health screenings and do not engage in unprotected penetrative sex. I always ensure that a security contact knows where I am on my bookings. Finally, I always use safe words. Anyone who does not respect these will be reported to the police.
Q. What are your vital statistics?
A. I’m not keen on being reduced to a long list of waist size, pubic hair length etc…my pictures are all recent, and are all representative of me. Rest assured I don’t have an enormous 1970s style lady garden, (although that no doubt floats some people’s boat). Like all women, my weight fluctuates according to the weather, but I’m generally a dress size 10 with an impressively padded behind.
Q. I’ve always wanted to go to a fetish club…
A. Bring it on! I’d be delighted to accompany you for the evening, and if you’re new to the scene I can advise where you’ll feel most comfortable.
Q. Do you have a wish list?
A. Naturellement! I’d love if you would make a donation to the National Ugly Mugs project, who protect sex workers from the many risks associated with our job, and campaign for decriminalisation of the sex industry. You can donate £5 easily by texting “Ugly00 £5” to 70070.
Alternatively, have a look at my Amazon wish list for lovely things I covet.